• The UK Home Of CNC Profile Cutting

    UK Plasma Gas Waterjet Cutting Machine Manufacturer

  • The UK Home Of CNC Profile Cutting

    UK Plasma Gas Waterjet Cutting Machine Manufacturer

  • The UK Home Of CNC Profile Cutting

    UK Plasma Gas Waterjet Cutting Machine Manufacturer

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CNC Profile Cutting machine News

    Plasma Cutting Machines

    Plasma CNC profile cutting machines by Techserv are the largest available range of any UK manufacturer. High Density Plasma cutters giving high accuracy. Material thickness from 0.5 - 50mm. Systems from 20 to 400 amps.


    Machines made With Premium Materials

    Aluminium is a premium material now used to offer the advantages of light-weight, strength, resilience and dynamic performance specified for performance in all areas of industry and technology. Now with our machine range these same advantages are applied to plasma cutting systems. Our cutters are certainly not only the lightest but also we think the most robust and accurate in its class.


    A Global CNC Market

    We sell CNC profile cutting machines on a global basis; our main machine market is the UK and we have a lot of machines in the UK. Currently we have 670 odd CNC profile machines out in the field but we have quite a diverse range of machines, we do more than standard CNC profile cutting machinery,

    • Blue Marlin Plasma cutting machines

    • the HS4000 Plasma/Gas cutting machines

    • Water-jet cutting machines

    • Special purpose CNC machines

    We have a good spread of these throughout the globe.

    Techserv  have have exported UK manufactured special purpose high-tech machines to China, Malaysia, Siberia, Hong Kong through to the Middle East, quite a bunch in India, Dubai, Iraq, Egypt, Africa, through to Europe and Ireland and up in the Nordic countries, Scandinavia, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

    Quite a broad range, we think you'll agree.

    Superior CNC Profile Control

    The focus of the power system is control, we spend a lot of time and energy designing the framework, the action of the CNC profile machine itself to be as lean as possible, as easy to build as possible, to give the best possible performance which is quite a complicated thing to do and we update our machine designs regularly to make use of new technology whenever possible.


    Economic CNC Profile Cutting Machine Design

    It's an integration of control-system and machine design into one piece; the advantage of this is you get cost saving because you can reduce the number of power supplies and separate components and boxes and by designing your own control system, it might sound very simple, but you can integrate all your drives and all your controls into the structure of your machine.

    • Lean CNC machine design

    • Integrated CNC control-system

    • Simple Profile Cutting Machines

    The upshot of this is you save boxes, you save cabinets, you save plugs and sockets, cabling, and it's just a way of reducing the labour required to make a machine.

    Why do we want to do this? We spend a lot of time trying to streamline the operation of the system trying to simplify it. It's complicated to do because you've got to try and think ahead all the time and think through every possible scenario but it pays dividends because once your system is running, once your customer has got the basic idea of how the machine works, then everything sort of comes naturally.


    Easy To Learn CNC Profile Cutting Machine

    Generally speaking we can train somebody to operate a system in maybe just a couple of hours.The reason we want to do this is because you can then offer higher quality, higher specification machines to your customers for less money. And a lot of the savings we make in the manufacturing are reflected in the cost.  

    UK Maunufactured Gas, Plasma and Waterjet Cutting Machines

    Techserv Modern CNC Profile Cutting Machine Design

    Techserv CNC

    Regarding the CNC control software, the important thing is to build in complexity but to make it invisible to the machine user so the machine has all the functionality you would expect but its automatic rather than having a vast number of buttons on the screen and all functions available all the time, you only really need to be able to access the controls you need at that particular time.

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    Waterjet Cut

    What sets Techserv apart in terms of manufacturing is the use of modern manufacturing methods to make the machines. We make profile cutting machines and water-jet cutting machines - it seems sensible to use profile cutting machines and water-jet cutting machines to manufacture our machines

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    Hidden Strength

    The primary function of our machines is cutting steel so we try to make that as absolutely simple as possible. There's no magic, there's no extra complexity involved - we strive to remove the complexity out of the system, a machine that looks more complex has just been designed more sloppily. I think the skill or the beauty in the design, if there is such a thing, is making something complex but simple to operate, nice to look at ... easy to use ... but does a very complex job underneath.

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    Superior Construction

    We use modern, innovative manufacturing methods: water jet and laser cutting along with premium materials such as stainless steel and aluminium. Techserv believe using these materials, particularly aluminium, offers multiple performance advantages over traditional mild steel including,low weight strength resilience and dynamic performance

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