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GP 5000

UK Plasma Gas Waterjet Cutting Machine Manufacturer

GP 5000 Gas-Plasma Cutter

GasGP 5000Plasma

Techserv GP 5000 Gas cutters manufactured by Techserv are designed for a long trouble free service in harsh industrial environments. The Techserv range of gas cutting machines can be supplied with cut areas of up to 6m wide x 25m long with multiple tool options: Maximum 12 gas cutting heads Maximum 2 plasma cutting heads Capacitive height sense Automatic ignition Manual bevel cutting Automatic 3 torch rotating bevel heads for weld preparation Heavy duty drilling heads, maximum 35mm diameter drilled holes Plate markers Our gas cutting machines feature the Techserv CNC system with an easy to use touch screen interface and automatic setup of all the gas cutting parameters including, cut speed, hi / lo preheat pressures and automatic piercing pressure control, the intelligent process controller takes the guesswork out of gas cutting and gives high quality cuts on the full range of thicknesses. Techserv cutting machines are used worldwide, 24 hours a day.

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